Economic Consultant

Transitioning to semi-retirement, I am looking for interesting part-time professional and volunteer opportunities anywhere in the world. 

I have had more than three decade’s experience learning about economic development, regulatory reform, and economic integration issues in Asia and the Pacific, providing consulting services for development and research organisations, and briefings on economic opportunities and risks for CEOs and board members of international corporations investing in Viet Nam. Engagement with regional economic groupings (e.g., ASEAN, RCEP and the GMS initiative) has provided me valuable opportunities to work with leading thinkers in Asia. 

As part-time economic advisor to research and planning agencies and regional institutions in Asia, I advise on economic development planning and policies, and regulatory, trade and investment reforms. I also conduct periodic briefings for major international corporations investing in Southeast Asia, including briefings for CEOs and board members.

My formal education includes a Masters Degree in Economics from the Australian National University, and an Honors Degree in Agriculture Economics from the University of New England. In addition to economic consulting reports, conference and working papers, and book chapters (e.g. contributions to the Viet Nam 2035 report), I co-authored Viet Nam: a transition tiger?  published by ANU's Asia Pacific Press. Coming from a farming family, I also maintain a strong interest in rural development issues.

A member of the Australian Institute for Company Directors (since 2007), I regularly engage in policy discussions on approaches to improving public sector and corporate governance in Viet Nam and Asia. I was also a member of the Board of the United Nations School (UNIS, Hanoi), chaired the UNIS Governance Committee, and acted as an adviser to AIESEC (Foreign Trade University, Hanoi). Coming from a farming background, I maintain a strong interest in rural development issues. 

Working as a freelance economist since 1995, my work has focused on:

  • Program and project planning and evaluation.
  • Economic growth, trade, regional economic cooperation and development.
  • Investment climate, regulation and state enterprise reform.
  • Rural development and urbanization
  • Environmental and resource management policy analysis.
  • Governance and capacity building.
  • Political economy of economic reform and development.

Typical clients include: 

  • Multilateral institutions (ADB, UN and the World Bank)
  • Government agencies and non-government organizations. 
  • Research institutes or organisations.
  • Corporations and private investors.

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