Economist: Economic, Trade & Private Sector Development

Raymond has had three decades experience working on -- and learning about -- economic development and regulatory reform issues in Asia and the Pacific. Based in Hanoi, he serves as a part-time economic advisor to Viet Nam’s Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM). He also conducts periodic briefings on economic opportunities in Viet Nam for major international corporations based in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Viet Nam

Following economic consulting experience in Australia and Asia, he worked as an Economist for ADB in Manila (1988-91), Resident Economist for UNDP in Hanoi (1991-93), and World Bank Senior Policy Advisor (1993-95) at Viet Nam’s (former) State Planning Committee, and has had a long term engagement with CIEM.

Working as a freelance economist since 1995, his work typically focuses on:

  • Economic growth and development.
  • Economic integration and trade policy.
  • Regulatory reform, private sector development, and State enterprise reform.
  • Regional/local economic development.
  • Political economy of economic reform and development.
  • Strategic planning and program evaluation.

Clients include multilateral (ADB, UN and World Bank), bilateral and government agencies, research institutes, and private investors. Engagement with regional economic groupings (such as ASEAN, RCEP and the GMS initiative) has provided him valuable opportunities to work with leading thinkers in East & Southeast Asia.

Ray has a Masters Degree in Economics from the Australian National University, and an Honors Degree in Agriculture Economics from the University of New England. In addition to economic consulting reports, conference and working papers, and book chapters, he co-authored Viet Nam: a transition tiger?  published by ANU's Asia Pacific Press. 

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